Sauberkugel - The Clean Ball

The Daisy Lou Boutique

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Tired of Crumbs in your purse or bag?  The Clean ball is great to get rid of those pesky crumbs.  Simply throw it in any purse or bag, and as it rolls around it helps clean up all those crumbs!  With a sticky inside ball in a plastic honeycomb outer all those crumbs stick right inside!  Easy to open up and featuring a washable inner ball for endless reuseability.

Your Bag's Best Friend


The new and innovative gadget straight from Germany. The Clean Ball (Sauberkugel) is the must have purse, Bag, or backpack companion. Tired of crumbs, dirt or dust in your bag? The inventors of the clean ball were. Thats why they created this awesome tool to help pick up and capture all those little bits and pieces in your bag. Featuring an extremely sticky inner ball (the part that catches the crumbs) and a removable honeycomb outer (the part that lets you roll it around in your purse). Made of 100% recyclable materials, and infinitely reusable! Just open it up, wash it off and reuse time after time!